W9EV can be found on 10M, 12M, 15M, 17M, 20M, 40M SSB and AM ...... Life is too short for QRP !!!
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Checkout some pix of the shack
The Collins Desk
The 'Modern' Desk
Large Boatanchors
Antenna Farm
Hammarlund+Small Boatanchors
Work Bench and Boatanchor Tranceivers
Licensed Operator
HiFi Audio setup
Mic: Oktava MK-012
Mixer: Behringer 1604A
Compressor: Presonus BlueMax
EQ: Behringer PEQ2200
HardDisk recording with SONAR software by Cakewalk using Windows/2000
Delta-44 24bit/96Khz soundcard by M-AUDIO using WDM drivers
I'm experimenting with my Behringer EX3200 Maximum radio transmit bandwidth of 2.8Khz is limiting

DX Audio setup
Mic: ICOM handheld
Mixer: none
Compressor: in radio- 60%
EQ: in radio- flat
Quick change from HiFi to DX: push button on EQ to engage additional 6db boost at 2000hz

BoatAnchor Audio setup
Mic: Astatic D104
Mixer: homebrew
Compressor: junkbox
EQ: none
BoatAnchor gear operating position is too far from 1604A and thus requires separate audio equipment

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